Traveling through Fashion! The journey begins

December ,16th 2018

Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited about this new journey we’re embarking on together. Are you ready?  Let’s go! 
The idea came to me while I was preparing for my trip to London and Paris. I thought it would be a great concept to have fabrics from different parts of the world.  Which birth my Traveling Through Fashion Collection. 
A fews weeks after I came back, a friend of mine was visiting Spain. She decided to buy a beautiful piece of fabric as a gift to me. Not knowing That I had this desire in my heart. Her kind gesture was a confirmation for me to explore this concept furthermore. 
One thing I’m learning through this journey, is when you take a step of faith it opens a door. Which creates opportunities for your idea to grow. Currently I have fabrics from the following countries : London, Spain, Ghana, El Salvador and more on the way! 
I will take you through different parts of the world with each blog. We will discover fashion through different cultures. I will highlight various local designers and their crafts. I'm grateful that you are joining me on this journey. I'm looking forward traveling with you! 
Let the journey begin!
By Gina Vilsaint 
Vilsaint Design