Our Story


Welcome to VILSAINT Design!


Our founder, Gina Vilsaint, is a Montreal native with an innate passion for fashion.

Gina's fascination with fashion emerged during her formative years, propelling her to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising at Marie-Victorin College in Montreal, where she embarked on her fashion career journey,


Gina brings a wealth of expertise to the table with a rich and diverse background spanning sales, customer experience, retail management, marketing buying, and distribution across various industries, including children's and women's apparel, home furnishings, decor, and lingerie.


Gina's venture into Shoe Bag Design originated from a sewing machine she received on her 40th birthday. Positive feedback on a shoe bag she crafted for a friend sparked the idea to refine and elevate this accessory for women.


Encouraged by her friends' support, Gina launched her line of shoe bags, aspiring to infuse a touch of elegance into these everyday essentials.


In 2023, after a year of training, rebranding, and market testing, Gina expanded her offerings to include a range of fashion accessories. A styling workshop she attended in Toronto reignited Gina's passion for styling.


Gina is delighted to serve as your accessory stylist and is excited to unveil her new online store, featuring an array of exceptional products.


Thank you for joining us on this exhilarating journey!